‘Digging for Victory’ – the sheep have gone…


The sheep on our bottom field were taken away over the weekend. Adrian, the person who uses the field (and a lot of local fields hereabouts) has been having treatment for cancer over the last year. Sadly this hasn’t worked out and his time is now very limited. We will miss him – he was the first person to make us feel at home here.

He has been selling off his sheep flocks and it was time for these ones to go – he hadn’t had them long but he wont be breeding off them now. We had got used to sheep on that field each year – now we need to think seriously what to do to make use of it. The 5 or so years of yearly sheep and summer growth and made it a good pasture.

We are however going to get one sheep – he kept one as a pet with his flocks for sentimental reasons – it was the first his wife bottle fed. She does not want to see it go off to market so we have agreed to take it and look after it – it will live with the Alpacas, and Goswinks will make use of its fleece. As its current name is ‘Four’ it will become ‘Four of Seven’ when it joins us.

The Alpacas too miss the sheep –


Its wet and muddy here – but not too cold and not too windy. The grass is still growing and the Alpacas are ranging over all the fields presently. I am going to block some of the fields in the new year to give the Summer fields a rest and a good run up to the Spring growth.


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