AD&D Old School Project – Update on figures

Well its been a while due to real life interfering. I have managed to finish a few figures however……..the mission to run an old school AD&D game this year continues.

Some original RAFM gremlins (I think) – these were odd to paint as they had very few details, but they should work with my Heresy Vampire.

Original RAFM goblins (again, I think) I really enjoyed painting these and wish I had more. The original spears were missing so I raided the bits box and put some plastic spears in.

Another original RAFM figure – this time I think an Elf. As I have never liked elves (too goody goody) I played with the hair and moustache – having said that it was a nice figure to paint. The original sword had broken off so another raid of the bits box saw a plastic replacement put in place.

Old school monsters if not old school figures. These are plastic Reaper kobolds – really nice to paint – wish they did more variation!!! I love Kobolds!!!

Another old school monster – not old school figures. Giant rats – not sure who produced them as I got them in a sale. Nice figures, not sure about the way the rat figure relates to the base terrain. Easy and quick to paint.

Again – old school monster, new figure. Would you believe a Halfling barbarian!!! Loved the idea, and I thought of a way of tricking Kevin into picking a barbarian character, and then giving him this………… Got this metal in a sale – not sure who produced. Very nice to paint.

And finally………..some dungeon delvers. On the left an Otherworld female cleric. Otherworld do really good old school figures that are well proportioned – this figure is female so is slightly formed. Enjoyed painting her up as a rogue nun!! In the middle an unknown magic user and to the right a Frost Grave pair of Bard and sharper. Both nice to paint – the Frost Grave ones were a little iffy on detail…….

so I have an Otherworld half Orc assassin I am working on and am about to start an original RAFM medusa.  Watch this space.

5 thoughts on “AD&D Old School Project – Update on figures

  1. Nice!
    The Gremlins are Ral Partha and I think the goblins are rather old Citadel — “Red Goblins” that predate Warhammer!


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