So where am I with the ‘To the Strongest’ project?

One of my projects this year was to get some forces together for the rule set ‘To the Strongest’. I had decided on Romans and Ancient British/Celts. In my many years of gaming I have always had an itch to do Romans, and these rules seem to be the one to scratch it. I have played DBA and the different versions but always found it to be dry and more gamey than gaming.

Anyway – the gaming table needs to be used for other things (I’m sorting out and decorating the pantry – need somewhere to put everything) I thought I would do a post by way of a summary of current position re units painted and waiting to paint.

First off the Romans

I only have one general painted and based – I have another 1 foot general and 1 mounted general to finish. (Warlords)

I have 2 auxiliary units painted and based. Another 3 units to make and paint. I decided that I would work to something like 1:50 figure ratio, making my regular units 12 figures strong. (Warlords)

I have 2 Germanic tribe auxiliary units made and painted. I put these on the Zombie bases from Warbases to give them a slightly more looser/warband look. These are from the Germanic tribes box set – I just put Roman helmets on them. (Warlords)

2 units of Western Archers. These are in 12’s, so could divide them to become 6 figure light troop bows. As regular units like this they start with 6 ammo chits and have a 2 square range up to 5 squares along. They can also be stationed behind another unit in a square and fire over the top into any attacking enemy. I cant wait to use these in battle!! (Warlords)

And the best!! 4 units of Roman Legionaries ( I have one more to paint). These are Warlords, home cast and some manufacturers I know not.

And the cavalry. One unit of Numidian light cavalry and some Balearic slingers as light troops.

Stuff still to plaint 😦

To the Ancient British

I have three foot generals painted and based. I have my eyes on getting a senior chief type figure in the coming year. (Warlords)

Household troops with a screen of light troop slingers. The warlords Celt warrior sprue allows 2 armoured figures – when brought together a whole unit can be formed. I will use this as a veteran unit. As it is a deep unit (warriors) I have decided it will be 18 figures in size. I have placed it on a more formal base as I want to visually show the slightly more military bearing the unit will have. I have another of these to make and paint.

This is a typical warrior deep unit – I have put it on Warbases zombie bases to show its more group/band style of unit.I have 4 of these painted and have another 3 to make and paint.(Warlords)

This is a Mob, I have 1. I decided as these are double deep units that it should be 24 strong, and deeper than the normal warband unit. Mobs are interesting units as they have a ‘shooty’ capability with 2 ammo chits. They are covered by a light javelin unit. The Mob is made up of Germanic tribes (the guys with furs and clubs) and the Celt warrior figures – I used the roughest shields. (Warlords)

Four light chariots – I currently use these as individual light ‘shooty’ units – I would like to get another 4 to make them look good on the battlefield. I have been looking at Crusader Miniatures to fulfil my dreams!!

And finally some cavalry, the Warlord Hunting Party. I would like to get more cavalry both for the British and the Romans . I have been looking at Renegade Miniatures to fill this gap.

So the project has 9 units to make/paint as it stands. However I want a few more units (chariots/cavalry) to finish the project totally, plus some artillery………….and how the hell could I get an elephant in the theatre……………plus………………

5 thoughts on “So where am I with the ‘To the Strongest’ project?

  1. I’m glad you are having fun and that the armies are mustering! Beware Renegade, though, they have the largest horses in the World. 🙂 Best, Simon


    • Thanks – as usual I probably made too many. They are on the shelf now – other stuff to do!! I’m looking forward to playing with them though – the To The Strongest rules give really good games for friends to play, with real tension.

      Liked by 1 person

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