‘Digging for victory’ – quick update

Well spring sunny weather is largely becoming the norm here so stuff is growing…………including this alpaca who is growing outwards, here seen talking to the horse next door.

Last week or so I put peas under plastic in the poly.

Well today the plastic came off and it looked like this

Really pleased how they have all come on – we might have enough to freeze for the winter!! However……………mice. At each end there is evidence of mice biting the top off and stealing the pea seed. To stop the mice (without using poison because of the effect on other wildlife, like cats etc) I’ve mushed up some onions and watered the resulting soup onto the peas. I am hoping the smell will put them off (onions never get eaten). They need about another week growth before they will be safe. If both rows grow its about 100 foot of peas, I would like to get two crops this year.

The potato bed – I had hoped it would be better drained, but the soil was still wet and cluggy in places when I ran the big red beast over it. My plan was to put the spuds in individually in holes, and then cover with the contents of the Geese pen, done job in 1 day. But I have had to mix some in at this stage to break the soil down. Plan is to redig tomorrow – and perhaps plant the spuds if lucky.

One of our geese has decided that she will only lay her eggs in the nest in her pen – so she demands to go back in when she is ready. This means I then have to keep an eye on her and let her back to her field when she is ready else she wont get enough water or food…..they can be very wilful but their eggs are popular with a lot of people.

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