AD&D Old School Project – update – doors?

Well……………..I saw a pack of Mantic doors going cheap in an online bargain bin so I thought they maybe useful for the dungeon set up I am trying to build.

In the pack are 10 doors (28mm scale) – 2 double doors and 8 single doors. They are double-sided, and frankly really nicely detailed (which makes them easy to paint)

I stuck them to my basic 5cm square bases and attached side panels. A quick glue and sand texture and undercoat with dark brown, After that a grey dry brush, light brown on the wood and then a light sand dry brush. Gun metal on the metal work and the Vallejo metal flow mix to highlight it.

I ended with these…….

Which look like this in my setup…….

I am pretty happy with them (so happy I got some more – giving me about 30 which should be enough for a game).

You have to admit they are better than my homemade versions

One thought on “AD&D Old School Project – update – doors?

  1. Hi,
    I arrived at your blog by chance, due to your photos of the Matic doors. Nice painting job. But I wanted to say that I don’t admit your last comment!! 🙂
    I really like your homemade doors. Perhaps they look that they cannot be shut properly. But they really look like doors of a dungeon. A place abandoned long time ago, treated badly by who knows what kind of unpleasant new inhabitants. I really like their concept and finish.


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