Comparing PSC and Old Glory 15mm Universal Carriers

On TMP the other day someone asked whether PSC and Battlefront are compatible. Well my opinion is they could be, and I certainly mix the two in my units (but I am not so worried about such things)

As it happens I have just got (along with the Battlegroup Tobruk book) the new PSC 15mm Universal Carrier box. I say box, but it was two boxes as PSC had decided to up the number of Carriers from 6 to 9 in a box, but their boxes can only take 6 sprues. I got these because of the huge number of Carrier types you can build – 2 inch mortar, 3 inch mortar, OP, 2 types of heavy MG as well as the standard rifleman Carrier. I already have 8 Old Glory Carriers, so I thought I could round out a nice unit.

I painted up a Vickers MG Carrier and quickly based it – put side by side to my Old Glory Carrier thought it is a different size.

The PSC is on the right, the Old Glory on the left.

Now I don’t know which it technically wrong – but they are definitely different lengths.

Still, I shall still use them!!

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