I’ve been building things

I received the new publication from Plastic Soldier Company – Battleground Tobruk and it is very good (Here) It has relit my enthusiasm for the North Africa campaign.

As well as painting up some more figures I have also been making shell explosions. I saw the a chap called the ‘terrain tutor’ on the web showing how to make these out of florists wire and clump foliage, so I had a try.

Here is his teaching video here

First off fire up the glue gun and stick some florist wire onto a base. The florist wire can be bent so that 2 ends can be stuck in the middle – making sure the middle end is longer.

Then take your clump foliage and slowly build it up by pushing onto the florist wire.

Stop when you get something that looks like a shell explosion. I then covered the whole thing in a water/white glue wash to harden it of and ensure any bits of clump stay on.

Once dry, overnight, spray with a black matt colour. This will also harden the foliage off.

Once that is dry then dry brush greys over the foliage to taste – you can even put a few yellow/red patches near the bottom.

And that’s it……………


And here is what a barrage looks like

I think I might need another 6, then I have plans to make some smaller ones to represent mortars or smaller calibre weapons.

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