‘Digging for victory’ – cometh the fox, again

Our excellent Cockerel, Nelson, went down fighting against a fox yesterday, he saved all but one of the girls though. He was a brilliant cockerel, who had to fill the boots of our last one, Charlie, and succeeded so well the next Cockerel has a mountain to climb. He was 4 years old.

He was always on the lookout, always put the girls before himself when it came to food (even taking food to them), and was extremely polite and civil to us (some cockerels can be real sods). And boy, did he have a loud call. It was strange going out to let the girls out this morning, and not hearing his call. Sadly, one of our Blacks, Joan (her ring was yellow) was lost, and one of the whites (Verty – she has a green ring) was presumed lost, but she turned up, scared but otherwise alright some 4 hours later.

Chickens come, burn brightly then they sadly leave us.

The Chickens and the Geese are on lock down now for at least a month. The chooks were free ranging whilst we were here (yes, the fox attacked whilst I was at home), but they are now behind an electric fence and dug in wire. The fox will return, it has young to feed, and it is important to beak its habit and make sure it gets nothing more to eat here, so it goes elsewhere.

Mavis, our boss goose had decided to spend the night alone in her outside shed/house with the warmer weather – but now to her disgust she is having to go in the stall with the other geese. I have to almost pick her up to make her go in.

The Geese are still coming out in their field during the day – the Alpacas are next to them and will keep the fox away.

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