Wargaming weekend starts here!!!!

So Kevin is on his way up here as I write  – and the wargaming weekend will start!!!

I’ve marked out a 9 x 5 foot terrain which we will use for all three games planned. First up a Battlegroup Tobruk game – my first. It will be between two long-range scouting groups of Italians and British. Each are either hoping to grab the Oasis, or spoil it so the other side can’t use it.

Next up is a larger Battlegroup Tobruk game between a German tank/motorised infantry group against a British tank and motorised infantry group. Hopefully this will push the rules a bit. Each group is trying to follow-up on the action of the earlier raiding force

Finally going to break out the To the Strongest rules and pitch a Roman/auxiliaries army against a Roman/auxiliaries army fighting for the Oasis.

Hoping to push the rules and see whether they work for a moving game rather than a line up and have at each other game.



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