My game Revolution is released!!


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here you go


<b>Now On Sale</b>

This print & play card game is now available from  here

Revolution! is a game of intrigue which aims to recreate the politics of the French Revolution from the reactionary Monarchists, through the moderate Girondins, to the radical and ultra radical Jacobins. At the end of the game the French Revolution will have settled on a dictatorial pattern of leadership: the very environment that resulted in Napoleon’s assumption of power.

The game takes place in the French National Assembly building. Players represent one of three political factions each composed of a group of famous characters. They must find solutions to the problems of state raised by this turbulent period whilst wrestling one another for political control.


14 page rule book (free download).
Examples of play & historical notes.

53 colour game cards.

13 colour advanced game cards.
Counters & card backs.

Card samples:
available here

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