I’ve been painting stuff

I have painted up a few more units for my Africa WW2 forces.

First up

A Plastic Soldier Company PzIV F2 – long barreled horror….. I love the PZIV, my favourite tank of the war (if you can have such a thing). I am really disappointed that the PzIV H version with Schutzen didn’t serve in Africa – I am still going to make one, just for my own pleasure.

It’s a nice kit – easy to put together, and easy to paint to a wargame standard (3 foot rule and all that)


You can’t have enough trucks. These are Italian Dovunque 35 3 ton Trucks. Lovely little things – like some more. These are Resin models from Battlefront Flames of War – again easy to paint – just an undercoat and then washes/dry brush.


A Sdkfz 263 – HQ armoured car. This is a Plastic Soldier Company miniature – from their box of 231 8 wheeled armoured cars. This was bloody annoying to get the radio net on – arggggggh. There were tabs on the support struts, so I drilled the holes on the body for them to fit – and found the support struts are actually not wide enough to reach each side of the body – really weak bit of model design – creating what is a weak bit of the model. Wonder how many times I will need to fix these in the future. Other than that a nice model – nice to paint. May make another as I need HQ units.


A Sdkfz 232 radio car, from the same box as above. Same problems with the radio net. I will need to make another one of these – as I need communication vehicles. I can still use this version as a recon unit as well.

All still need markings – I generally wait until I have a batch of vehicles before I break open the transfer box and spend the day swearing at little transparent images at the end of my scalpel!!


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