So the plan for 2018…paint, paint and more paint

I have a problem – a metal and plastic problem. Last year I tried to finish projects and ended up not really reducing my plastic mountain. I’ll put the metal mountain to one side – it comprises about 1500-2000 25mm Minifigs Napoleonic infantry, cavalry and guns, which I realise I only got or sentimental reasons and will never be painted to add to my 2000 painted stuff. (I still have them in the old minifig boxes!!)

I had an idea to go through, identify and count my outstanding figures – and put it down here as an incentive to paint them over the next year. My further incentive is that I will not start a new project till they are done.

So here is the list:

ECW 28mm (Warlord Miniatures) for ?

116 Foot musketeers

64 Foot Pike

24 Cavalry

2 Light guns with crew

1 Mounted General

Napoleonic 28mm (Perry, Victrix and Warlord Miniatures) for Sharp Practice 2

7 British Hussars

7 French Leger Lancers

24 Portuguese Line

120 French Line

92 Prussian Line

42 Prussian Landwehr

3 British guns and crew

Ancients 28mm (Warlord Miniatures) for To The Strongest

24 Roman Legionaries

36 Roman auxiliaries

88 Celtic Warriors

WW2 15mm (Plastic Soldier Company) for Battlegroup Tobruk

5 Opel Blitz lorries

4 PzIV’s

4 PzIII’s

3 A9/A10’s

4 Shermans

3 6pdr anti tank and tows

3 Halftracks

3 Sdkfz 231’s

7 Universal Carriers

8 Zvezda kits (assorted)

64 Italian colonial infantry


So that is it – the target for this year, 644 figures and 36 vehicles. Can it be done?

Watch this space…



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