Painting update

Hitting the spot!!

Well I have continued to paint, but sadly not photograph – the units get put on the shelf pretty quickly as the new cat, Lily is living in the games room presently and likes chewing figures…(and weeing on my table, but that’s another story)

The final celt warband figures are finished, creating 4 ‘To the Strongest’ units (4 units of 18). The dribs that are left made a small light, javelin throwing unit (8 figures). This made the total figures left 397.

Then I picked up on a 6 figure unit of Numidian light javelin cavalry. These are Warlord figures, and frankly look awful until they are painted. I pine for the Victrix ones…

Anyway actual total down to 391.

I have prepped 24 Roman Auxillaries to create 2 ‘To the Strongest’ units. I have decided that I am not going to paint a 12 figure legionary unit  found, I bought the figures 20 odd years ago, and the other unit of them I painted up look rubbish. Again the beauty of the Victrix stuff makes me realise how far we have come in figure manufacture. The Auxillaries are down for painting next week

I have also based and undercoated the last 24 ECW Warlords cavalry, plus the artillery piece and crew. I hope to get these done next week and some way to prepping the riders.

The plan after that is to do the last two ECW infantry regiments – 2 units of 40. All of this will achieve:

1 A total of ‘to paint’ down to 267

2 All of the outstanding ECW figures painted/based

3 All of the outstanding ‘To the Strongest’ Roman/Celt figures painted and based

Leaving a whole load of Napoleonic 28mm’s to do…

Of this I have 9 British Hussars (not looking forward to) and 12 French Hussars to paint (Brigadier Gerard, anyone?)

. After that its Prussians and French/British/Spanish.

I’m not sure I want to paint the 4-5 boxes of Prussians I have got – I don’t see a need for them, and I don’t see a way of converting them to anything that may have appeared in the Peninsular. I can’t for the life of me work out why I bought them!!

The rest require making up/converting which will really slow down the whole process, so a wall might well be hit at about 240+.

The other thing is the increasingly better weather means things in the smallholding are crying out to be done – digging/planting/cutting etc etc reducing the time to paint. At the moment it’s a blessing if it rains – I don’t feel guilty painting all day.


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