So, shall we start doing this again?

As is clearly obvious, I’ve been off the blog for more than a little while…

I’ve been thinking of getting back to the blog and now I have decided to start it again. One reason I got a bit tired of blogging was I thought I was just repeating myself, especially on the small holding stuff. So I think I am going to take a different view this time, not entirely sure yet. 

Clearly the site needs updating and I will do that over the next week.

At the start of the year, I discussed with Kevin what the focus of the year was going to be. After playing a few interesting battalion level early war WW1 we thought we would round-up our wayward 6mm WW1 stuff and see about developing the rules and having some bigger battles…

Anyway following this I went out a bought one of these :

Some of these:

And some of these:

And merrily started building a Spanish Town for Sharp Practice!


I guess the muse takes you in different ways. 4 months on I haven’t painted a figure (this time last year I had painted 400 28mm figures) but I have the making of a Spanish Town, and a decent supplemental rule set that fits over the main Sharp Practice rules to allow urban street fighting.

I took photos through this project so I will blog them out in the next few days.

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