Building the Spanish Town for Sharp Practice part 2

This is my feline overlord, Lily Boof. she has a permanent spot on the wargames table which means all scenarios and deployments have to work around her! Yes, seriously.

Just a quick blog

Whilst constructing the walled gardens I had a go at making my first building using the hot wire foam cutter. I decided to build a tower. Every self-respecting town needs a tower.
I’ll show you the photos before I go on…

As you can see it’s not that great.
It taught me two lessons: firstly, foam with my current skill set is not great at detailed architectural features, such as columns etc. It also can’t do thin details such as the bell tower window, which requires a pre-made template to cut round and a little bit more skill then I had. Secondly, you don’t need to make separate floors for everything, why oh why did I do that? Completely unnecessary.
It’s made with foam with MDF base boards ,skimmed with plaster and PVA, windows and doors cut and Warbases inserts positioned. Cornflake packet tiles were cut for round windows and on wall edges. Undercoated with my Wilko’s special colour (Milk Chocolate), and then dry brushed a white. It stands about 30cm+ high, or higher than my Pint glass.
An aspect of the project I thought through first was to provide a common colour palette. I am using a house paint provided by Wilko’s to provide the underlying colour of all things – and then brushing over it where required. It helps to provide a sense of place. I use various off white tester pots for highlighting. Vallejo paint is too expensive to cover terrain items!

Another thing I built at the same time as the walled gardens, using stones from the yard (dried by placing in the oven) and coir matting for the fields – I have made 6 of these on A4 boards.


And…the other thing I built was an entrenchment. I wanted to build a block house, but I read in somebodys’ blog that in reality all the French would have done would be to pick a suitable house and make it defendable. The lack of suitably trained engineers would have stopped building grand defensive works, and really they would just be embankments and wooden supports. I see this as being a custom base, somewhere a group of cavalry would patrol the local area from. Its built largely from wooden dowling, with matchstick and coffee stirrer support, I have then piled stones and ballast against it as though the soldiers have cleared the ground of rocks. It’s laid out over 2 A4 bases so it is big enough to place a building inside.

This is it before painting:

And this after:

The other thing I created was some scatter terrain – this is terrain that plays a part in the rules as various cover, but is scattered about and can be moved to fit figures in – you can get scatter terrain MDF bases form a lot of suppliers, and they are just random sized and shaped. I built all my plastic palm trees with stones onto them to give a mediterranean feel – and used ‘Herbs do Provence’ as tree leaf fall scatter underneath. It gives a good effect.

So next time I hope to do a stage by stage build of some buildings I have just completed, but here are a few piccys of what it looks like so far. I had a game with Kevin using the urban combat supplement rules I had written over this and it was good fun!

So next, laying out the town, constructing buildings and roads.

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