A new table

I had long planned to change the games table – currently it is built upon a table tennis table which because of its struts and wheels and legs makes use of the space underneath pretty hard. So this summer, got the wood organised and got to it. Well, I didn’t, my other half did.

Before it looked like this: 10 x 6 foot of bland cloth terrain

So I took the old table down, removed all the stuff, and started to rebuild the new one –

Underneath this I have room 48 32l boxes (which happily are dirt cheap currently) I filled all my terrain, cloths and god knows what into about 40 of these. Much easier to keep as they are a standardised size – and the room looks a lot tidier.

I chucked out the old cloths and got a new cotton dust sheet from the local DIY shop.

I was determined to have a grid on it – so marked out with masking tape I painted a basic dark chocolate brown under coat. I also replaced the failing light for an 8 spot LED thing – which just makes so much difference!

Then added a yellow ochre layer with rollers. Then took the masking tape off to reveal the clear grid. These are 20cm (8″) squares.

Then using a lot of differing shades (tester pots) painted into it to create some visual interest and to push the grid back because I don’t play just gridded games.

Today I set up the first game on the table:

Bodicceas last battle – with To The Strongest rules (which use the grid)

View from the Roman side looking towards the hordes of British warbands…

And the view back towards the Roman line.

For me it has so improved the room, by nudging the table over I can now comfortably move around it. With the new light I can see whats going on – the stronger light means the figures look so much better. The cloth looks better and provides a good background to the figures. And below it all I have so much storage to put everything out of sight.



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