Hereward Wargames Show – the haul and other stuff

Kevin came over yesterday to go to the local show – Hereward Wargames Show on Sunday. We were meeting Mike there (it was nice to see you again). Kevin kindly brought up :

I already have volume 1 of “Two men in the Trench” in the waiting ‘to be read’ pile – so lots to read now for this summer. Meeting Mike at Hereward, he kindly gave me:

Four books on the Nap wars – one I am especially is Charles Esdailles Peninsular War (2002)- absolute gold!! Thank you  – they have found a good home. I am fairly sure I went, with my wargaming friend of the time to a Esdaille (the doubt was if it was him, not if I went to a lecture) lecture about the Guerilla war at the National Army Museum. We were about 16 (this was the 80’s), had a few pints in the Bombadier Pub before we arrived, and subsequently asked stupid questions before being overcome with the heat of the room and drowsily falling asleep. We embarassed ourselves and let a good moment slide!!

Other stuff gathered at the Show.

A whole load of scenery items, 28mm, for my Spanish Town. These are a revelation, by Iron Gate Scenery. They are 3D printed plastic and look wonderful – you cant see much detail yet – its mainly market stalls, mill stones, wine shops etc etc, also some Scarecrows from Bad Squiddo Games. I intend to paint them up, and show on the blog in more detail. I would thoroughly recommend this range – they have a website – it’s a bit of a 90’s experience, but don’t be put off!

Brushes – some round sables and some cheap large round ones I can use for buildings etc. We bought so much at the ABC Brushes stall he gave us a mug, keyring and bottle opener for free as well. Looking forward to paint with the Sable rounds.

Underneath is a mint copy of “Hordes of the Things”, I have been looking for these for some while and there they were on the flea market stalls £3 – sounds of hand being bitten off – Kevin got the full Saga rules for £5!


On the way back we stopped at HobbyCraft – and I got this – I reckon I can make a watchtower type building from this – using it as a basic frame – it was only £5, stands about 12″ high, made of a sealed cardboard and is really slightly too big for 28mm, but not noticeably so. Bring it on!!

Just might be painting some terrain this week!

The other good thing that came out of the event was that we maybe be able to fix up some regular gaming weekends – watch this space!

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