Hereward haul – mostly painted

I bought quite a lot from Iron Gate Scenery – 3D printed terrain features to add to my Sharp Practice Spanish town.

I’ve painted the items up  – they needed no cleaning up, and were very easy to paint – details were quite well articulated. So, lets have a look…

A market stall cart thing – this is obviously a more earlier period (look at the wheels), but I thought I could get away with it for C19 Spain. Nice two bit body, with two moving wheels. I just painted it with a chocolate brown undercoat, dry brush a light brown, a middle grey and then a light dry brush of off white to highlight. A bit of gun metal on the metal parts.

Oh, I got four of them. Here shown with Dolores, the Spanish wine seller (28mm Perry’s Carlist range).

Blessed are the cheese makers – I love this stall. Basis under-coat on the stall, and some painty bits to make the cheese look a bit edible. The tarpaulin on the top is a separate piece, with thinner printing, so I painted the stripes with a off white undercoat and masking tape to add the colour stripes.

Here fishy fishy… As shown by my very own fish wife (Perry’s Carlist range 28mm). This comes with a basket of crabs, 3 additional trays of fish, and two empty ones. I added a bit of silver on the fish to look like the scales.

The meat stall. The cuts on the ground have holes in them to hang them on the stall, my next job. I love the pigs heads to the left on the stall.

Bread stall. This was an empty stall brought separately, that I have then added a bag of bread items to it. You get 3 bowls and loads of individual printed bread loaves (seen here grouped into the bowls).

Bread no.2. Also in the bread bag you get this barrel of flour, and two bags of, presumably, oats. I bought two of these bread bags, so I am going to use the other one to fill a wagon, as a supply wagon.

A wine press!

Grain grinder.

A well with a bucket pulley. I have the bucket and am yet to string it up!

I have one more piece to finish – the forge, but I have some good options on this item so am taking my time on it.

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