The fat of the land comes rolling in, or should that be gin?

We just picked 10+lbs of Damsons off our tree in the small orchard. The Geese ‘helped’ and ate all the naff ones. Taking nearly 1 1/2lbs of them I have got some Damson Gin on the way. Equal amounts of sugar and 1.5litres (so far) of gin and we are away. This will now be shaken until the sugar disappears and then every now and then. In about three months it will be ready to be filtered and bottled for drinking – just in time for Christmas!!

I will probably then try to get a second batch underway using the same Damsons.

The rest of the Damsons are going to be made into jam.

Roll on Christmas!!

4 thoughts on “The fat of the land comes rolling in, or should that be gin?

    • I think they are a distant relative to the plum – but without those properties!

      They are an ancient species – the Romans bought them to us, from what I read in America they are not so common, known as the Italian Plum? if that is familiar?

      They are very sharp to eat, hence the sugar in the gin recipe.

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