Pottering around – and perhaps a new project?

Just an update on some various bits I have got up to. Largely I have finished my Saxon SAGA 6 point force: 1 Warlord, Hearthguard unit, 2 Warrior units, 4 Levy units – 2 of foot soldiers, 1 bows and 1 javelin. I’ve mainly painted the shields in simple shapes and colours – taking the line that shields were easily disposable so not much effort would go into them in a combat situation. Based individually, they fight in the rules as individuals.

Hopefully I will get to use them when Kevin and Mike come up in November for a first weekend (of many) of gaming. Next up are the final bits from Hereward games show – scarecrows! :

These were fun to paint – resin, 28mm scale from Bad Squiddo Games – will provide a bit more colour to my fields.

With the forge set I got from Hereward I got a nice wheel. Having read that in the Peninsular road quality was quantified by how many wheels it would take to get from one point to another, I thought having a pile of wheels would make a good objective point. I got the Blue Stuff out and made a mould, and used green stuff to try to then make a wheel. Hmm, well not a great result – I’ll keep trying…

My other experiment was to try and phot some figures with a background – provided by my laptop:

I think this is proof of concept – its not brilliant (part of that is my appalling camera work)but I can see it could work, here is how it is set up:


I have an idea to create a Peninsula Campaign. Or at least a system, with maps which allows me to play large and small battles, across the whole of Spain or just the individual campaigns. I also have have a mind to use it for the Spanish Civil War as well.

I have started with 1:400,000 (1cm to 4km) maps and looked to see what I could do…

Unsurprisingly I have a few board games that cover the Spanish peninsular, below the Europa series ‘For whom the Bell Tolls’ map:

I also have the Avalon Hill ‘War and Peace’ but the camera clearly censored this piccy!

I have chosen not to use a hex system. As below I am going to use the Longitude and Latitude lines that from rectangles across the map to be the ground units, and then link these together, as can be seen in the first draft below. I am going to start with the 1810 Invasion of Portugal, so aim to do a map incorporating everything east of Salamanca, Massena’s start point, where he joined the French Army of Portugal.

I will do a separate post on the development of the campaign game.

Oh, and this came in the post…

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