Saga Vikings & Colonial British painted

So in my disorganised way I have been painting 28mm Vikings warband for Saga, and some 28mm British for The men who could be kings.

First off though some Gripping Beast dark age archers, to act as a basic universal levy unit. These are lovely figures to put together, and so much better than the Warlord Games miniatures. In fact it would be difficult to be worse, someone recently described Warlord Celts as looking like figures “doing a particularly shitty line dance”, this also applies to their Saxon dark age stuff (which I understand were old Wargame Factory moulds).

I enjoyed making and painting them,  only £8.50 as well, a great support unit.

Next up were the Viking warlord and his Hearthguard. Again 28mm plastic Gripping Beast, I made them slightly more interesting by converting them to left handers! The warlord is a Gripping Beast hero figure, which are a touch bigger in scale but suit their role.


Next up two units of GP Viking warriors…

And then some 28mm Perry’s British colonial. I now have 3 infantry units, 1 in red serge, 2 in Khaki. These are lovely figures, ruined by decision to try and paint them wearing my glasses only, and not the magnifier. Bad mistake requiring a lot of bodge repainting to get anywhere table good.

I also got myself a little Perrys Naval brigade Gatling gun and crew…

Lovely to make and paint. I now have a 24 point Field Force, with the ability to make and paint 3 more infantry units. I need to get on with the locals now!

Looking at and trying out ‘the men who could be kings’ rules has made me think there are a few holes in them. I’ve looked elsewhere for another set, dealing with about the same size forces, more about that anon.

So, that’s my painting, I am still reading up for my Napoleonic Campaign rules.


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