Edgehill – Maybe the next game?

The next battle project is Edgehill 1642, or the Battle of Kineton as it is also known. My 28 mm ECW figures have not been used for a while so it is their turn for a run out.
I am going to use ‘For King and Parliament’ rules, these are the ECW version of ‘To The Strongest’ I used in the Boadicca refight recently.
As a base I am going to use the scenario created by Simon Miller, the writer of the rules. You can buy it here, and the unit cards he created to go with it.

BigrRedBat Shop

I did a quick layout of the battle on the table, with the figures, to see what I needed to sort out for the day when it is played. Two views, one from each end, of the basic layout on table, Royalist to the left on the first photo.

As you can see it is a long thinnish battle, with two quite different forces. I used a basic one pike, two musket stands to indicate a foot unit, and two cavalry stands a cavalry unit. Dismounted Dragoons are one base.
From this layout I have learnt I need:

1 To go over the figures/units and add or takeaway accordingly, dependent if they are pike heavy, musket heavy or even just mobs.

2 My grid is 20cm, this scenario is played on a 10cm grid. I need to make my 20cm grid show the 10cm grid – I am going to do this by placing a white spot in the middle of each 20cm grid square, which in effect divides the 20cm grid to a 1ocm grid. It also will not overbear the existing look of the terrain.

3 This may mean I don’t have to paint the 40 figures, pike and musket still needing painting!

4 I don’t have enough play counters and might need to buy quite a lot more – or I could use the unit cards that have all the info on them?

5 I need to make terrain hills as the Hexon II stuff I have does not make nice square shaped hills.

6 I need to read the rules again with particular interest on untried units and returning cavalry from off table after a pursuit.

7 Where to put the stream/marshy bit: The scenario as written puts a stream/marsh to the back of the Royalist line, with some units either in it or needing to cross it to get in the battle. The Battlefields trust map shows that current thinking is that the stream/marsh divided the two lines, because it has been established that the new alignment would fit between the known clear space.

8 I’ll need to get about 8 more General figures!!

Battlefield Trust paper on Edgehill

I need to take a view on this, and then also look at the rules and see what problems a stream/marsh will make in terms of movement and combat if it were to be placed between the two armies.

Two men in a Trench youtube Edgehill

For fun – and happy memories – linked the Utube of ‘Two Men in a Trench’ and the Edgehill episode. For those who don’t know it is two archaeologists (who became quite famous in their own right when they got older) who went round digging battlefields in Britain. A sort of battlefield Time Team.

So quite alot to do, in a shortish amount of time.


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