Update on other games

Over the last month I have tried to look at other games, with some, if not a lot of failure. As noted before I got hold of ‘Tripods and Triplanes’ a few months ago, and still have not properly opened the box, let alone played the game. I have wondered why its called ‘Triplanes’ when they give you a 2 winged plane in the box though!!

The other game I got hold of in a PSC sale was – Cold Wars – again I have opened the box, but nor unpacked or played it yet.

Sort of looking forward to this as I have skimmed through the rules, but it needs 3 players…

I think it is more than a cold war version of risk, the little counters and the historic event cards look interesting. Thinking of maybe creating a pre-programmed way of playing this solo.

The other thing I got hold of was ‘Empire – Campaign System’. I bought a version of this when it came out in 1984, lent it out and never saw it again, so was overjoyed to find a near mint version on ebay for a really good price.

This is going to be really useful for my project to put a set of campaign rules together for the Peninsular. As you can see from the index it covers a fairly wide remit. As was usual in the 80’s it probably overdoes the detail, in an attempt to look like a simulation.

And finally, the Edgehill battle forced me to finish painting my last ECW unit – a 40 strong infantry rgt. Hooray! – 800 figures completed, only started 7 years ago!!!

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