We run a hobby farm/smallholding in Norfolk England – trying to move it towards a sustainable smallholding which will support our needs. We have Geese, Chickens and Alpacas and visiting herds of Texel or Wendslydale sheep on our land (we rent out fields). We cultivate a large vegetable space, a poly tunnel and have planted a small orchard and edible hedge.

We have also planted willow for fuel, converting our heating to wood burning. We are intending to plant more willow to become self-sufficient in wood.

We Spin, dye and make felt out of the Alpaca fibre.

All of this and more we have developed and built ourselves in the last 5 years.

Oh yes, and I wargame – have done all my life!!!

My main interest was Napoleonic French (first metal figure when i was 11) – especially Peninsular war. I also game in the Spanish Civil War, the English Civil War and WW1 and 2.I also have been known to do ACW, Kriegspiel and quite a few weird homemade games!!

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